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Graeme McInnis

Associate Broker


We put the HEART into the BUSINESS of selling your HOME! I'm a 20 year veteran of marketing and sales and a REALTOR for the past 11+ years. I've been a teacher, and I can now educate my clients on multiple sales processes. From real estate sales and marketing to local small businesses, I know the process of sales from start to finish. I've been a realtor for 11+ years, but really, I'm in consulting, marketing and advertising. This is the distinction between those new to the industry and established professionals. I'm virtually as analytical as I am artistic. A creative, working in & innovating in Sales & Marketing. An entrepreneur with a passion for sales initiatives. As a connector of people, thoughts and ideas, and as a marketing specialist, realtor, and advertising pro, I possess the initiative and ingenuity to produce, capture, and convert demand. I see myself as the Director of First Impressions. I am skilled with both face-to-face negotiations and electronic marketing platforms. As a self-motivated, self-directed, goal-oriented marketing and branding professional, I have the skills and the tenacity to lead sales teams and exceed client expectations. My progression from marketing expert to Realtor and advertising pro follows a path held together by a love for business, originality, and sales & marketing.